• All About Nectar Collectors



    Nectar Weed Collectors are absolutely awesome! So, we wanted to show you some of our top reefers that we like to blaze, as well as awesome nectar collectors as well. We will dive into what a nectar collector is, why you would use one, the benefits, and discuss their smell!


    So get your weed, blaze it up, sit back and relax to this fine piece of article.


    What is a Nectar Collector?


    In its Purest form Nectar Collectors are used for smoking.. well - nectar! Nectar is a thick concentrate produced from the flower of a marijuana plant.

    Nectar looks similar to live resin* but it uses a more refined process that makes it more stronger then live resin. (Nectar is typically 80% THC content.)


    With nectar collectors all you got to do is heat the tip and stick it into your favorite concentrate (that's right nectar collectors allow for direct smoking!)


    *Live resin can also be called: sauce, sugar, jelly, sap, badder, and shatter

    So Why would You Use a Nectar Collector?

    Just to be clear, you can also use a dab rig, but sometimes a nectar collector is better then that or weed because a nectar collector helps you get every last drop of concentrate. Nectar collectors deliver a more authentic taste because the nectar is manufactured with the real weed flower.


    If you have chronic pain, or any other injury nectar is good for those people that need extra doses of cannabis to get relieved.


    So are Nectar Collectors Good?


    Yes, nectar collectors are good at smoking concentrates directly from the container, and nectar collectors have a small profile that makes them more portable. If you need a smoking device that's not too big and can handle concentrates, a Nectar collector is the popular choice.


    What About the Smell?

    Nectar collectors smell more or less depending on the quality of the concentrate. Concentrates with lots of flower and less filtration will smell a lot more than a concentrate that was purified into pure THC. If you want less smell go for a stronger THC concentrate but be careful. You will need less to get the effect.


    The Next Steps

    If you enjoyed reading about nectar collectors, and you want to buy one to smoke some of that dank shatter just remember: Some concentrates are more smelly than others and actual Nectar is super concentrated. If you get a nectar collector just try not to get too high.


    Happy Blazing :)